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Big Picture vs Misdirection – Admin Code 12-126

November 17, 2022 pm30 1:20 pm

Here’s the series of events:

  • Mayor Adams, the Municipal Labor Committee, including the United Federation of Teachers leadership (Mulgrew et al) were trying to force retirees out of real Medicare and into their “Medicare Advantage Plus.”
  • Retirees sued to stop them.
  • Judge ruled against Mulgrew and Adams. The decision rested on Section 12-126 of the Administrative Code.

Pause here. Mulgrew wanted something. He was denied. There’s a law that stopped him. So how does he react?

  • Mulgrew/Nespoli (MLC) et al begin a campaign to amend the law.
  • Retirees go into action, and lobby city council NOT to amend.
  • Retirees seem to have the upper hand.
  • Mulgrew/Garido (DC37) et al try to campaign for the amendment, with talking point memos sent to in-service and retired members.
  • Retirees still seem to have the upper hand.
  • Adams’ Commissioner of Labor Relations, Renee Campion, sends a letter to the unions October 13 threatening Bad Things if the code is not amended.
  • The UFT and DC37 use the Campion letter to revive their City Council Lobbying campaign.
  • Using the Campion letter to scare members proves ineffective for Mulgrew. Retirees still have upper hand.

Pause. Mulgrew wants Medicare Advantage Plus. Retirees block him. He tries to change the law to “unblock” the City and the MLC (so they can force retirees onto Medicare Advantage). They block him again. He tries campaigning with members. Nope. He tries using the Campion letter to scare members into supporting amending 12-126 so he can force retirees into Medicare Advantage. Still not working.

  • Mulgrew issues a new “fact” sheet.
  • He buries the argument over 12-126 in details (it’s SIX pages. I’m not sharing)
  • He claims this has nothing to do with Medicare Advantage.

So I put it to you. After fighting for almost two years to force retirees onto Medicare Advantage, is Mulgrew now fighting, with the same people on his side, and the same opponents, but not about Medicare Advantage anymore?

And the City.

  • Does the City (Adams/Campion) favor amending the code because it will allow them (with MLC cooperation) to force retirees into a Medicare Advantage Plan?
  • Or does the City (Adams/Campion) want to change the code to give the UFT more power and give UFT members more protections?

Adams wants to change the code.

  • To protect city workers?
  • Or to force retirees into Medicare Advantage?

Focus on the big picture. Mulgrew and Unity think you can be distracted by misdirection.

Do not amend Section 12-126 of the NYC Administrative Code. Take action (sign, call, email) now.

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  1. John S permalink
    November 23, 2022 am30 6:50 am 6:50 am

    Why doesn’t the city and union do what they always do in these kinds of situations: negotiate what they want for those who not yet retired and leave the current retirees’ healthcare benefits alone. That is how it has worked for decades: win or retain benefits for current workers at the expense of those who have not yet entered the workforce. For example, My father, a Tier 1 teacher, had some very different (and desirable) benefits that I didn’t have as a Tier 4 teacher because the UFT negotiated them away BEFORE I BECAME A TEACHER.


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