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Do Not Amend NYC Administrative Code Section 12-126

November 5, 2022 pm30 2:55 pm


Sign the petition. (text below)


Then forward the petition.

Not enough?


Email your city council member this weekend. Then call them Monday. Emails and phone numbers are at the bottom of this page. Some ideas for messages are here.

The petition:

Dear Mayor Eric Adams, City Council Speaker Adrienne E. Adams, and Commissioner Renee Campion:

I strongly object to the proposed change to the Administrative Code Section 12-126 enabling the City to make Medicare Advantage the only premium-free retiree plan.   The current Medicare/Senior Care plan will then cost at least $200 a month per person.

 Changing Section 12-126 of the Administrative Code will seriously undermine the healthcare protections for all City workers.  It will allow the City to renegotiate the rate for everyone and place employees into different “classes” with reduced benefits eliminating the protections and equal treatment regarding health benefits that current and retired employees have now.   

I oppose the Administration’s planned reductions in health coverage through the privatization of Medicare for retirees as the City seeks to weaken the protections for all City workers in the Administrative Code.  The City has alternatives for managing rising health care costs. Instead of amending the Administrative Code, the City could use its purchasing power to go after hospitals for exorbitant charges, address the skyrocketing costs of prescription drugs, and audit current insurance providers. The burden should not fall on current workers, retirees, and their dependents.

Campion and Adams tried to pit in-service members against retirees. Mulgrew’s letter tried to pit in-service members against retirees.

In-service and retired workers, together

Except, they are threatening both groups, in-service, and retirees. And the best way to fight them is to stand together. That’s what this petition does. I urge you to sign.

Contact your City Council member

When you are done with the petition forward it to friends and family – then contact City Council

Don’t know who your Council member is? Look it up.

DistrictEmailMemberPhone Marte212-587-3159 Rivera212-677-1077 Bottcher212-564-7757 Powers212-818-0580 Menin212-860-1950 A. Brewer212-873-0282 Abreu212-928-6814 Ayala212-828-9800 Richardson Jordan646-960-1344 De La Rosa917-521-2616 Dinowitz718-549-7300 C. Riley718-684-5509 Velázquez718-931-1721 Ana Sanchez347-590-2874 Feliz718-842-8100 Stevens718-588-7500 Salamanca Jr.718-402-6130 Farías718-792-1140 Paladino718-619-6811 Ung718-888-8747 Moya718-651-1917 Cabán718-274-4500 Lee718-468-0137 F. Gennaro718-217-4969 Krishnan718-803-6373 Won718-383-9566 Williams718-776-3700 E. Adams718-206-2068 Schulman718-544-8800 F. Holden718-366-3900 N. Brooks-Powers718-471-7014 Ariola718-738-1083 Restler718-875-5200 Gutiérrez718-963-3141 Hudson718-260-9191 Ossé718-919-0740 Nurse718-642-8664 Avilés718-439-9012 Hanif718-499-1090 Joseph718-287-8762 Mealy718-953-3097 Barron718-649-9495 Brannan718-748-5200 Yeger718-853-2704 N. Louis718-629-2900 Narcisse718-241-9330 Kagan718-373-9673 Vernikov718-368-9176 Hanks718-556-7370 Carr718-980-1017 C. Borelli718-984-5151
6 Comments leave one →
  1. Christopher DeNigris permalink
    November 6, 2022 pm30 1:29 pm 1:29 pm

    People give their whole lives to a terrible system that mistreated them only to be mistreated and retirement let’s get real we are living in the only developed nation in the world that would consider something like this. Treat people with humanity enough is enough who would want to work for the New York City department of education with the treatment they give current and former teachers.

  2. Anonymous permalink
    November 6, 2022 pm30 2:12 pm 2:12 pm

    Please do not change sections 12-126 of the administrative code


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