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Honored in the AM (UFT) – Speaking in the PM (healthcare)

November 6, 2022 pm30 5:58 pm

This evening: Exposing the Mulgrew/Adams Threat to Our Healthcare

Retiree Advocate is organizing a zoom, tonight.

What do we know? What don’t we know? How do we fight back?

Learn what role Mulgrew and other union leaders in the Municipal Labor Committee (MLC) have been playing in partnership with Mayor Adams and the Office of Labor Relations.

Sunday, November 6. 7PM


New information is coming in constantly and we are trying to stay up to date. This meeting will share info & analysis, and try to answer your questions.

Oh, and Marianne Pizzatola is speaking. And Bennett Fisher is speaking. And yours truly, Mr. 2718, Jonathan. will be adding a few pearls of wisdom. If you see this in time, come participate. And if not, I think there will be a recording posted.

This morning: 20 Years Chapter Leader

Today was Teacher Union Day. I served 20 years as a United Federation of Teachers Chapter Leader (like a shop steward) – so I was due a certificate – so I showed up, listened to the speeches, and waited to be called up. Wasn’t. For 10 years of service, 15 years of service, 20 years of service they read our names, we stood at our tables, we were applauded, we sat down. Was I disappointed? Sure. But that’s ok. Went up with Kerry (who kindly came and kept me company) to the thing where they took pictures and took pictures, then went to the buffet and ate and saw people I hadn’t seen in a while and schmoozed.

I did catch Regent Shino Tankikawa, clear voice for fairness, and always a pleasure to learn what she is working on. I saw Kaliris, one of our champions on the Panel for Educational Policy (PEP) and one of the champions from Central Park East (CPE 1) who is wonderful person and a tremendous fighter. A masked woman came up and warmly said hi and I was embarrassed I did not recognize Marilyn, chapter leader from CPE 1. That school – the DoE put in a horrible principal, union members were attacked, Marilyn and the parents and teachers stood together, fought, forced the UFT to help, and won. One of my seniors last year was one of Marilyn’s students years ago. She thanked me profusely for standing along side the CPE1 parents and teachers. This is her, typing in my office:

I saw Katrina who I met in New Orleans (and thus I can never forget her name) and Monique who I met with Katrina. I saw Cook – she retired some time ago, one of the friends I made in San Antonio.

Like I said, Kerry was there with me the whole time. And I saw a bunch of other people, some quick hellos, some longer conversations. I have not gone to a big union face-to-face event in a while. I actually missed it.

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  1. Kerry Katherine Dowling permalink
    November 6, 2022 pm30 6:19 pm 6:19 pm

    It was my pleasure to attend the event with you! Thank you for inviting me as your guest. 20 years of being a Chapter Leader is a BIG DEAL and I know you have dedicated so much of your time, energy, knowledge and heart into representing, organizing, and education our members for the last 20 years. I am sure you will continue to be an activist and educator in your retirement. Big kudos to you!!!! ( P. S. …. I had a great time!)


  1. Questions Planned for Tonight’s UFT Exec Board | JD2718

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