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Busy Tuesday 11/22/22 – Budget Cuts, 12-126

November 22, 2022 pm30 10:22 pm

Budget Cuts Stay. Court Tells City, Don’t Do It Again; Stop Cheating

The New York Court of Appeals released decisions today, including two with impact on United Federation of Teachers members.

Budget cuts. Last Spring the New York City Department of Education did not allow public input on its budget proposal (that was full of cuts). They got around public comment by declaring an “emergency” – the same slimy tactic they used under Bloomberg and de Blasio. Eventually, though, the City Council passed the budget. In a win that was not a win, the court ruled that New York City violated the law. However, reversing the cuts today, the court affirmed, would be disruptive. They ordered the City to stop declaring emergencies to avoid public scrutiny.

Analysis is at Class Size Matters. The decision is here.

NYC, MLC, UFT cannot impose $192/month fee on retirees

New York City, the Municipal Labor Committee, the United Federation of Teachers leadership, and the leaderships of other municipal unions tried to impose a $192/month fee on municipal retirees who opted out of joining “Medicare Advantage Plus.” Retirees fought back, and in a stunning decision, won. But the City appealed. And today the New York Court of Appeals ruled that the lower court was right.

Coverage of the decision on Norm’s and James’s blogs.

In the meantime, the Mulgrew/Nespoli Medicare Advantage Plan collapsed months ago.

Today Mayor Adams, Harry Nespoli (Sanitation), and the UFT’s own lame duck, Michael Mulgrew, are off trying to change the law, as an end-run around the ruling. Section 12-126 of the administrative code protects workers and retirees against exactly the type of scheme these guys are trying to force on us. Call, email, tweet, write – let your city council member know how you feel “Do Not Amend 12-126. Do Not Amend the Code.”

Today Adams, Nespoli, and Mulgrew are trying to smear their opponents – the members, the retirees, us, the people who have so far blocked their plans to cut our healthcare.

Today Adams, Nespoli, and Mulgrew are off trying to find a new vendor for Medicare Advantage. They will eventually find a vendor – the deal is too good – take federal money – and the more procedures you deny, the more $$$ doesn’t get spent on healthcare – the bigger your profits will be.

So, no choice. Keep making those calls.

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