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The UFT elections and a mayoral endorsement: where does each caucus stand?

April 4, 2013 pm30 5:54 pm

Would you trust a leadership who wants to sit out the mayoral race?

In 2009, the UFT failed to endorse a candidate.  Bloomberg won a close race over Bill Thompson.

Unity wanted to sit that election out, and used a parliamentary trick to avoid even discussing a Thompson endorsement.

New Action endorsed Thompson and tried to bring the UFT on board.  We endorsed early, even while another attractive candidate, Tony Avella, was still in the race.  But Tony stood not much of a shot, and beating Bloomberg was our priority.

MORE did not exist.  But it’s predecessors, ICE and TJC did.   And they sat the election out.  No endorsement.

Do MORE’s candidates know that their caucus will likely take no position in the mayor’s race?

2013? Unity has not tipped its hand.  There will be a debate at the next DA.   Good.  Members worry that we might endorse Quinn in the primary, or that we might sit the primary out, letting Christine Quinn in by default.

New Action opposes a Quinn endorsement, but would consider John Liu, Bill DeBlasio, or Bill Thompson.

But MORE? MORE will not endorse a candidate.  Do we really want to get Christine Quinn by default? If you care about the UFT’s candidate in this primary and election, you have to wonder about MORE.

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  1. Les Vegas permalink
    April 4, 2013 pm30 8:37 pm 8:37 pm

    MORE is like that little annoying poodle, a lot of loud yips but no bite. Their entire movement is based on a false facade of being malcontent radicals. Truly laughable!

  2. Joey D. permalink
    April 4, 2013 pm30 8:38 pm 8:38 pm

    Mayoral race? How about the UFT presidential race? New Action is not putting up a candidate for UFT president but they are endorsing Mulgrew. In other words, a vote for New Action is a vote for Mulgrew. (Mulgrew has angered quite a few teachers by supporting Race to the Top, VAM, and most aspects of whatever “new” evaluation takes place. MORE will endorse somebody when the time is right.

    • Les Vegas permalink
      April 4, 2013 pm30 9:24 pm 9:24 pm

      Don’t forget that Mulgrew has also sheltered NYC teachers from most of the crap that has been inflicted on our colleagues throughout the country.

      But sure, MORE’s inexperienced, radical talking candidates will certainly do a better job. Laughable!

      • Joey D. permalink
        April 5, 2013 am30 5:41 am 5:41 am

        What “shelter” did Mulgrew protect us from in regard to: eroding our tenure rights, allowing only 11% of teachers to appeal ineffective ratings, and the complete roll over to Cuomo on the evaluation deal?

    • Kate permalink
      April 4, 2013 pm30 9:29 pm 9:29 pm

      Is that right time before or after the UFT election?

  3. April 4, 2013 pm30 11:25 pm 11:25 pm

    The same cast of characters who sat out the 2009 election is still at the helm. Expect no less. Expect no more.

  4. James Eterno permalink
    April 5, 2013 am30 6:48 am 6:48 am

    Get the facts right please Jonathan. In 2009, ICE endorsed the defeat of Bloomberg. We did not sit it out. You can check the ICE-UFT blog for that. October 22, 2009 Post says, “We urge all members to vote against Bloomberg.” Here is the link.

    • April 5, 2013 am30 6:53 am 6:53 am

      This is true, James. But you supplied them with choices to vote for.
      Do you remember why you didn’t endorse Thompson?


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