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How many names should a UFT caucus have?

April 4, 2013 am30 7:16 am

I dunno. One?

My caucus, New Action, was formed by the merger of Teacher Action Caucus with New Directions. And they (I wasn’t a teacher back then) kept the New and the Action, so that it was obvious where New Action Caucus came from.

But MORE?  MORE has more names than your average caucus. (Actually, is it a caucus or a coalition? They say caucus, but then what’s ICE?)

MORE came from GEM. And from TJC. And ICE supports MORE. Or are they part of MORE? And GEM, which is most of MORE (?) came from TJC and some other people and part of ICE. And one could assume that there are more letters in this MORE soup.

One thing the letters don’t do, they don’t fit together. There is no clue in MORE’s name about its relationships to any of the groups that helped create it.

A handful of professional oppositionists bounce from election to election, renaming themselves, picking a different focus, always thinking they have finally figured out what’s holding them back, how this time they can finally break through and create a movement that’s going to shake things up, overtake New Action, and take the union by storm.

But nothing will change. That cycle of poor election results and failure to win broad support isn’t due to a tactical error or picking the wrong issue or including the wrong letter in their new acronym.

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  1. April 6, 2013 pm30 10:51 pm 10:51 pm

    That ‘handful’ really applies to one person, but since he’s not allowed to comment here, I thought it would be a kindness not to name him.

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