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Carnival Rules

August 24, 2007 am31 8:34 am

Too late edit, September 6, 2007. Can’t justify keeping anti-union links.

Matthew K Tabor is hosting the next Carnival of Education, and he’s up front about some very reasonable rules. I’m up and down about contributing to the CoE, but next week, I think I will.

Speaking of which, I didn’t contribute to the current carnival, and normally wouldn’t link, but it is a good one. The Red Pencil is the host, and, for me, has links to a bunch of edblogs I haven’t worked through yet. I’ll have to check back when time isn’t so short. Also, look at the statistical bit he added at the end. Nice job.

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  1. August 24, 2007 am31 9:26 am 9:26 am

    Connected via the Carnival. Vivek really did do a “nice job.”

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