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August 24, 2007 am31 9:52 am

For real. And maybe it will stay that way.

(I owe a link to a photo).

What used to be my classroom is now shared by me and another math teacher. I’m junior partner (since I teach less, er fewer classes). Anyway, we had some equipment we wanted to get rid of, and, long story short, the equipment went out, with the desk still attached.

So we have a lot more floor space than before. A low file cabinet. A lectern with storage. Maybe we’ll pick up another low cabinet or two. And I like how open it is. And the extra space. I brought in a little 2½’ x 1½’ table (no drawers, not a desk) to sit at and drop my books on. Freer to move around, to spread out the kids; freer for the kids to move around. I just like it.

We’ll see what the other teacher says when she arrives next Thursday, but odds on we’re teaching deskfree for at least one term.

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  1. Jackie permalink
    August 24, 2007 pm31 6:48 pm 6:48 pm

    I too am sharing rooms (3 of them). I love the room in which it is teacher desk free. More room for the kids to spread out, more room to circulate as they’re working… I think it also places the emphasis on the work the students are doing.

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