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It’s a start

May 8, 2006 am31 6:11 am

For those of you have found your way here
For those of you have managed to find your way here, and have returned, thank you.
As you return you will notice that I keep playing around with layout, experimenting with adding pages, adding (and perhaps deleting) links. I have added two pages: Links and Contract. I am not sure they belong. Thoughts?

As jd2718 reaches its third week it has accomplished enough to encourage me to keep it up. I figured out how to get that sitemeter thing working. I tried to make myself an eco-animal, but I think I failed. There's 3 – 4 dozen folk stopping by each day. There's some links. Some are kind of cool. I have tried to annotate them.

The math puzzles have to continue. The teacher union stuff has to continue. The New York stuff has to continue. And the plain old teaching stuff has to continue. The question: segregated or lumped together? In the end, jd2718 could end up an awkward lump.

While I reorganize, clean, even design, there should be two changes soon entirely for the good: 1) an upgrade of equipment, including a faster connection, which should make updating easier, and 2) there needs to be a camera soon, so that I can get some pictures up (camera suggestions are welcome)

Speaking of suggestions, if anyone knows how to get mathematical symbols into html, or how do real mathematicians do it? — let me know.

Sorry for the self-indulgent post. I'll keep them occasional.

And thank you.

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