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My Cell Went Off In Class

May 7, 2006 pm31 6:55 pm

it was Mayor Mike calling to ask about cell phone policy.

Actually, I just made that up, just like Bloomberg made this up: "I think most teachers would argue that there should not be any of these devices." * He never called me. Probably never talked to a single teacher. Or former teacher, at that. (his chancellor whatshisname never taught)

Bloomberg also said: "Teachers cannot be expected to look under every kid's desk at what they're doing" Actually, it's hard, but we do our best. We catch kids chewing gum and passing notes, and getting too close to each other; other teachers have noticed weapons. I've confiscated cards, and dice. We look out for inappropriate dress. Show of hands who's ever found a comic book inside a text, or noticed a cheat sheet during a test?

And many of us are parents. We know how important that immediate contact is. The city is big. The cell helps us, maybe just a little bit, worry less.

My suburban sister, I think, is getting or just got my 2nd grade niece one of those preprogrammed jobs, so that she can call Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, and I think that's it. No one is banning that.

I was going to provide some links, but there is no need. Here's how my union puts it. But virtually everyone with anything to say says Bloomberg is wrong.

*(Thanks to NYCEducator for that quote).

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  1. May 8, 2006 pm31 9:01 pm 9:01 pm

    I’ve looked at the pre-programmed things. Cingular, a union shop which offers 20% discounts to NYC teachers, has one called the Firefly.

    My daughter asked for one for her tenth birthday, which is next week.

    However, you have no control over incoming calls, and who knows who might get the number and call your young child?

  2. May 8, 2006 pm31 9:11 pm 9:11 pm

    Are there models which an adult can program to block all unrecognized callers? If I find anything like that…

    10? I bet it seems like she was just 9½…

  3. May 9, 2006 am31 1:40 am 1:40 am

    I dunno, J. Even so, I’m a little paranoid about folks having direct access to my kid via telephone.

    And actually, it seems like she was just 2 and a half. Time goes a lot faster when you have a kid.

  4. May 9, 2006 am31 3:19 am 3:19 am

    The Firefly allows calls from a preprogrammed list. The competition, called LG Migo, does not, and so can be reached by strangers. Avoid that one.

    I remember demanding the halves be recognized: I was 9½, not 9. And it took forever to get to the next number up. 16 was a lifetime away.

    Now I blink and infants are in college. Adults and kids perspectives on time come from alternate universes. I have to force myself to say 42¼.

  5. May 9, 2006 pm31 10:47 pm 10:47 pm

    Wow. Thanks for the tip. That phone’s better than I thought. But I’m still gonna let her wait. By middle school when she’ll be most likely to abuse it, that’s when she’ll probably get it. Odd what passes for logic, and I’m a teacher, no less.

    It’s also curious that when you’re younger you can’t wait to be older. At some point, the process is reversed.

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