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Skinny awards, this Thursday

June 6, 2016 pm30 8:59 pm

Please come to the annual Class Size Matters Skinny award dinner honoring Juan Gonzalez and Robert Powell onJune 9 –just a few days away — it’s always one of the most joyful events. For more information or to buy tickets see

I forgot I was going, never have gone before, until Norm Scott posted a reminder. Bought my tickets two weeks ago. Can’t believe I already forgot.

The Skinny Awards are the opposite of the Broad Awards (Eli Broad, anti-public ed reformer, rich guy. Get it Broad ≠ Skinny?)

Leonie Haimson orchestrates it – she’s pro-public education, anti-testing, pro-all kinds of other good things. I’m curious. You should be too. If Thursday is open, join me there.


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