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UFT Elections: Second Place?

May 8, 2013 am31 7:35 am

Out of all UFTers, how many voted for each caucus?

Time series from 2004 – 2009. (once with all UFTers, once with all in-service members)

Percent by caucus, out of all UFTers
All votes and nonvotes time series

Percent by caucus, in-service vote, out of all in-service UFTers
All inservice votes and nonvotes time series


Notes and comments:

I don’t have a good way to separate non-slate votes from non-votes – in any case the numbers of non-slate votes are relatively small.

The worrisome decline in turnout is most apparent.

These charts reinforce the point about the combined non-Unity vote being fairly constant.

These charts graphically highlight the declining vote for Unity.

A winning strategy for any of the three caucuses will involve reaching the non-voting majority. Reaching those who do not vote is hard, but important. When MORE shifted instead to attacking New Action to skim off votes (which they did, with some success), it looks like they were reaching for second place instead of making a difference. Interesting.

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