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Why January 1?

January 1, 2011 am31 11:51 am

The beginning of my year is Labor Day. Or, not saving the best for last, July 4. How strange it is to look at a year in retrospect, and look at another going forward, when we are in fact a little short of halfway through the school year and a third of the way through the whole cycle.

It is traditional. But I will pass. Last year was for a full decade. That’s different. This year the recap can come in June. Perspective in September.

But the resolutions? Ok, I’ll review those from 2010, and renew some going forward.

  • 40 movies? I went to less than 20. I will reset that one: at least 40 in 2011.
  • 3, maybe 4 hair cuts?  I stopped at 2, growing it out for graduation.Let’s take this off the list.
  • Grow up a little. You’ll need a grown-up to judge that one. It’s off my list for 2011.
  • Take more pictures, including step-streets. Some progress, but really need to work on the steps. StepsPix, on the list.

And then there were the 2009s… get a car (I resolved it as I was getting it)…  first hair cut (superseded)… redo bathroom (resolved it while the work was being done)…

And the 2009 extras (from April)… walk more (check, and keeping it up)… no chips (check, up to last month, climbing back on the wagon)… eat breakfast (started, stopped, just started again)

And me yesterday?  New Years Eve? Nice dinner, a movie, and went to sleep as the noisemakers began squealing. It’s just a day in the middle of the year, marking the tail end of the break.

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