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June 2010 Integrated Algebra Regents – what to expect

June 18, 2010 am30 7:23 am

First time given: June 2008

Questions: 30 multiple choice (2 each, 60 points), 3 part IIs (2 each, 6 points), 3 part IIIs (3 each, 9 points), 3 part IVs (4 each, 12 points)

Total Points: 87

Passing Score (all 6 previous exams) to earn a 65: 30, 30, 31, 30, 30, 30

Score needed to earn a 90: 75, 77, 76, 77, 77, 76

Some tips –

You have 3 hours. That means that you have time to come back. If a question seems too hard when you first encounter it, skip over it.

In fact, I tell my students that they should go through the exam several times… and the first time? They should only answer the questions where they are positive.

If you are concerned about passing – after the first time you go through the test, count how many multiple choice you are positive of, and multiply by 2. Are you close to 32?  32 is probably safely a passing score. If, for example, you know have 11 right for sure, take a deep breath. You have 22 points, and need 8 – 10 more, which is a reasonable target.

Work backwards from the answers!  Try them all in the calculator to see which ones work. That could be worth 2, 3, even 4 extra answers.

When you are done with what you know, you are not done!  Go back, and try everything again. And when you really don’t know anymore:

  1. for the multiple choice, guess. No blanks!
  2. for Parts II, III and IV, write something. No blanks!  Here we can give partial credit, but only if you have tried to start….

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