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UFT Election Results?

April 7, 2010 am30 7:15 am

I’ll be posting results of some sort (probably not finalized??) – I hope later today?

I am a candidate for high school executive board, the only seats anything close to “in play.”

I’ll be trying my hand at some initial analysis.

Some thoughts:

Michael Mulgrew’s total. Cross-endorsed by New Action, it should be relatively high. Will he get the benefit of the doubt for being new? Nah. If the total is strong, chalk it up to how tough he’s been over the first few months.

Middle Schools. Only head to head Unity vs New Action (don’t know why ICE has no candidates)

Overall turnout. We want the raw total to have gone up, or at least to have stayed steady. Especially important among active teachers.

Surprises. If turnout levels off or rises slightly, and the caucus by caucus percentages stay around close… then searching for deeper patterns means we’re looking for nothing. A few general remarks, and done. But if anything shows up quirky, there will be more to discuss. Don’t count on it.

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