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Carnival of Mathematics coming here – submit posts soon!

January 11, 2009 am31 1:12 am

jd2718 will be hosting the next Carnival of Mathematics. It is due to be published this coming Friday.

I have hosted three carnivals previously: 9, 18, and 27. But the pattern broke down (as so many do). Neither 36 nor 45 were here.

math-blue.gifBut, the CoM returns. Strangely, I can’t tell if there was a carnival posted January 2. Will this be #47 or #48? Big mystery….

(Honestly, I don’t know. And the carnival traditionally opens with some discussion of the carnival number, so, please, if you know… Help!)

Send links to your posts/articles about math, problem solving, adventures in teaching (elementary, secondary, and post-secondary, all levels, all good). Send links to your posts about probability, computer science, anything else related. Math in popular culture. Math in unpopular culture. Games. History. Even humor.

The best way to submit is directly to me, at [this blog name] at [gmail] dot com. There is a carnival submission tool, as well, though I am nervous as it is not pointing to me, yet. In either case, include a brief description.

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  1. January 11, 2009 pm31 6:32 pm 6:32 pm

    Carnival #46 was posted Dec 29th, so I’m reasonably certain that you would be posting #47. THANK YOU for hosting!


  1. New links for 2009 part 2 « JD2718

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