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All on my own in the NYC blogo-edusphere?

January 11, 2009 am31 7:18 am

Not really. But time for a brief story.

Back in Fall 2005 the UFT was arguing over a horrible proposed contract. The teachers lost (the contract was approved) but that’s another story. This story is about something that happened at the same time: Leo Casey set up EdWize, a UFT blog, and brought in Kombiz to set it up and run it.

And EdWize was immediately dominated by contract discussion, and that was the first time I got involved in following a blog discussion, and I ended up commenting quite a bit. My first comment was about math curricula. My second was about the proposed contract:

  • When we leave the job, it should be better than when we came to it. Are we all really willing to take money in return for making the job worse for the next generation of teachers? Let’s see the fine print before we make final judgment, but as of now I do not think my conscience will permit me to vote yes.

But this post isn’t about the contract, not about EdWize. It starts with Kombiz. He found me at a Delegate Assembly, introduced himself. We corresponded: union,  contract, blogging. He persuaded me to start a blog, which I did (4/13/2006), and then he prevailed on me to abandon blogger and come over to wordpress. I did that, too (4/19). And I am still here.

He also got me to a blogger get-together in Central Park. April 20, 2006. I had been blogging less than a week. There were only 7 of us. And where are they now?

  • Nancy and her sister. Nancy was the blogger. Her sister was bored, and along for the ride. Nancy still blogs, but she left teaching high school English last winter to have a baby.
  • Kombiz blogs. I think. But he left the UFT after another year. Got a job working for the Democratic Party in DC. Blogging. And then?
  • Frizzle! She was the greatest. But she left the country. Started another blog. Suspended Frizzle. Came back. Started Frizzle again at a different site? I forget. Started another blog. Left teaching. Started another blog, just writing. Worked on another blog. And just went back to teaching. Here in New York. But as a non-blogger
  • And that left Julie. Mildly Melancholy. She was at the picnic with new boyfriend, who has since become BF. He had already left teaching some time before. But Julie taught and taught, and when she thought she’d had it, picked up and went to teach at a charter school. She was the only edublogger left from the picnic. And this Thursday? She got fired. I feel bad for her, though her posts seem chipper, and she never really liked being at that school anyway,

but I feel strange for me. These were the people who sort of introduced me to blogging… and since there’s been many others and we read each others’ stuff, comment, write… but still, it’s kind of like being on my own.

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  1. January 12, 2009 am31 12:06 am 12:06 am

    aw, good times! I was just thinking about this. A year or more ago I made a new category on my sidebar: Ex-Teachers who still blog. So many of us have left for one reason or another! It’s really nice that we all still know each other though, through all these changes.

  2. January 12, 2009 am31 12:12 am 12:12 am

    sweet! and i totally don’t remember my sister being there (she’s a sophomore at SUNY Buffalo now!).

    also, i can’t believe someone took my old Typepad URL. When did that happen? C’est la vie!

  3. January 12, 2009 am31 12:16 am 12:16 am

    ps im blown away by the fact that april ’06, henry & i were still new, and i was looking for an apartment to buy, and here i am, not three years later, married, with a kid (and still in this apartment, unfortunately!)

  4. January 12, 2009 am31 2:35 am 2:35 am

    Yeah, but since then, your blogroll has grown incrementally, and developed other blogger-friends. You’re def. not the only one around.

  5. January 12, 2009 am31 3:27 am 3:27 am

    Nani, I didn’t realize that the TypePad got hacked. I deleted the link.

    And, Jose, you are 100% correct; I think my connections keep growing and growing. But there’s still something about the people you break in with… and now all of mine are gone.

    But not. I know where most of those folks are – still in touch, whether at the occasional gathering, or comments (Julie blogged before she taught, and I’ve got no reason to think she’ll stop, right?) or Facebook…

    Hoping to hear from Kombiz…

  6. January 12, 2009 am31 4:25 am 4:25 am

    Kombiz is too busy twittering, donchta know?

  7. Kombiz permalink
    January 12, 2009 am31 6:51 am 6:51 am

    I twitter half as often as Nancy does…

    Thanks for the memories Jonathan.

  8. January 13, 2009 pm31 11:41 pm 11:41 pm

    kombiz, sometimes you give me a run for my money on the twittering count. srsly.

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