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Searching your way here

August 20, 2008 pm31 6:20 pm

WordPress kindly includes all kinds of stats for us bloggers. I like the search engine stats. They show that most people come looking for salary info, and then by mistake (circus tents, dice, sea monsters), and finally for NYC public school info or for math problems and math ed related discussion.

I don’t know if the numbers are right, but they are consistent. Here are the top searches from today, so far:

nyc teacher salary 6 .
pay scales 5
nyc board of education pay chart 4
french quarter 4
nyc principal salary schedule 3
gib aids keine chance 3
new pay scale chart 3
circus tents 3
monster 3
circus tent 3
nycdoe 3
yonkers public school teacher salaries 3
nyc teacher salary step 3
how many squares are there in a chessboa 3
travel study for teachers 3
open market ny teacher 2
3 year calendar 2
nova scotia teachers salary scale 2

more below fold:

“uft” 2
nyc teacher pay scale 2008 2
“keith devlin” 2
math division 2
charter school teacher’s salary scale 2
doe salary table 2
teach nyc 2
integrated algebra 2
find area from coordinate 2
clean icon 2
integrated algebra 9th grade pacing math 2
new york public school pay scale 2
step by step math b regent jan 2006 2
new york city public schools paraprofess 2
nyc teacher salary schedule 2
how many rectangles in a chess borad 2
fordham leadership academy for business 2
new york city teacher salary 2
salary steps for board of education teac 2
nyc teacher salary scale 2
uft nyc 2
nyc public school teacher salaries 2
new pay chart 2
ny teacher salary schedule 2
nys teacher salary 2
how many squares on a chessboard? math 2
city data forum westchester teacher sala 2
teacher salary bergen county nj 2
nyc doe payscale 2008-2009 2
salonika 2
new york school salary schedule 2
nyc doe salary differentials

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