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Discussion on proposed CUNY-PSC contract

August 19, 2008 pm31 7:40 pm
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The City University of New York and the Professional Staff Congress (AFT Local 2334) reached a tentative contract settlement. The proposal gives back very little, makes some gains, but fails to make some key gains for adjuncts and part-timers.

The Delegate Assembly recommended the agreement by 92-13-7 (yes-no-abstentions), but in the immediate discussion afterwards the PSC leadership agreed to open a “contract bulletin” where views of some delegates could be shared.

Over thirty delegates responded with statements of up to 500 words. You can read them all here. You can read a summary of the contract proposal here.

Barbara Bowen is the president of the PSC. Sándor John is the most outspoken opponent of the agreement. Alex Vitale wrote a statement that captures the complexity of the issue.

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