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Bad Search, Good Answer

June 24, 2006 pm30 1:24 pm

When people reach here by searching, they sort of announce what they were looking for. Many find what they want. But many must be disappointed. Here are a few of those. As a bonus, I will try to undisappoint some of them.

4 4s puzzle

Ah. jd2718 is the wrong site, but Four Fours is a great puzzle you can play with any group of kids. Take four fours, and combine them (lots of flexibility on the rules) to make lots of numbers. I understand everything from 1 – 100 is possible.

Eg: 81 = [4 – (4/4)]4

Here is a description. Search for other sites for lots of answers.

Archaeologists salary charts

– Now there's an idea. Most teachers in this country have salary charts. We have a contract that specifies how much we get, based on years of experience, and sometimes based on additional credentials or education. But archaeologists?

Dr. Dig says I am wrong:

click to continue reading –>

Let's get the money question out of the way first. As a general rule archaeologists who work for universities or for local government (this usually includes museums and government / state / authority funded excavations) will be on a fixed salary scale.

So I found one. In South Dakota, archaeologists are on a pay scale: archaeologists get $27k – 41k pa, Historical archaeologists $30k – $45k pa, and Senior Archaeologists $33k – $50k. (Wouldn't you think historical archaeologists had a lot more experience than senior archaeologists?) And remember, South Dakota cost of living is lower than New York.Pellecer Alecio, Saturno

charlie ebbets

– I had no clue who charlie was. And I have no idea why the searcher was directed to jd2718. I don't have a Dodger post. I don't even have a Brooklyn angle. Anyhow, I checked. There are two famous Charles Ebbetts': The photographer who took the famous picture of construction workers at the Rockefeller Center construction site, sitting on a girder eating lunch. The other (Charlie) was in fact the longtime owner of the Dodgers.

Charles Ebbets - Lunchtime atop a Skyskraper

How early should I teach latin to my kid?

Never. Unless you use it at home. ;)

horse and Zebra ven diagram

Now there's an implied question! I think of Venn diagrams for sets, with nice ties to logic, and for some nice inclusion/exclusion work for kids.

But perhaps non-math teachers use them as some sort of graphic organizer? Sure enough: here is a Venn diagram generator for use as a similarities/differences graphic organizer.

positive micromanagement

Sometimes I just don't get people…

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