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A Day Without Immigrants

May 1, 2006 am31 2:27 am

The boycott is scheduled for tomorrow. How big will the impact be?  How much lower will tomorrow's attendance be?  How many kids who do attend are wearing white t-shirts in solidarity?  And do the rest of the kids know why?

Good luck.

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  1. May 2, 2006 am31 12:28 am 12:28 am

    In my school only the mexican kids seemed to have stayed out of school. The rest of the hispanic kids went to school with no protest T-shirts. The rest of the immigrant population seemed to be in class. However, half the foreign language/ESL teachers took off.

    Based upon my high school it was not very successful

  2. May 2, 2006 am31 10:32 am 10:32 am

    The boycott was not felt in my school at all. Attendance was slightly lower, but by a small amount, and it did not seem boycott-related. I didn’t see more than the usual complement of white t’s. The kids did know, most of them, what was going on today.

    Nationwide though, it seems to have had a major impact. 1,000,000 people stayed home. There were two huge rallies (LA and Chicago) and several other good-sized ones. In certain regions agriculture, food processing, construction, and service industries were disrupted or shut down.

    Interestingly enough, several major employers in those industries shut down plants in anticipation of low turnout, contributing to the day’s overall success.

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