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Do these sound alike?

November 20, 2021 pm30 7:31 pm

With streaming services I can – and I do – watch one show at a time. I blew through all the Nordic Noir I could find in English, and even some subtitled stuff. Happy Valley, Broadchurch, Y Gwyll, The Fall, Shetland, and more. Some hardboiled procedural things. Recently Bosch. And more police procedural stuff, and more.

And one day, well last Monday, I think, I start a new one. WPC 56 about a young woman police constable, first female officer in a precinct in a small English Midlands city Birmingham in the 1950s, and I thought, “That music is familiar.” And I thought some more, and there’s this show that’s kind of similar, but in a modern setting, but also a young woman Garda in a town near Dublin, but with some thematic overlap. “Red Rock.”

Similar themes. But what do you think? Similar theme music?

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