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Vote as many times as they let you

November 4, 2013 pm30 10:45 pm

Get up early tomorrow. Vote before breakfast, and as many more times as they let you.

I hear people talking about all the things De Blasio might not do. Sure. And it’s worth saying so… No illusions.

But tomorrow, you know that most important thing De Blasio won’t do?  He won’t be Bloomberg. Vote as many times as they let you.

Also, Letitia James. Vote for her, too. Public Advocate. Sometimes they become Mayor.

And also, that casino thing?  My union says to vote for it. The money will go for education. Just like the Lotto money… Hmmm. That didn’t happen, did it?  And building casinos? To prey on those who are addicted to gambling?  Look, if you want to fund education in NY State, tax the rich. They pay much less today than they did under Andrew’s father. Just bring the rates back to where they were. No on One.

As many times as they let you.

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  1. November 5, 2013 pm30 7:46 pm 7:46 pm

    read this for an analysis of the failed “reforms” under Bloomberg

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