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Plumbers and Roaches

January 25, 2013 am31 8:47 am

“The Nixon White House is alive and well in City Hall”

Last Thursday, January 17, Mike Bloomberg blew up evaluation negotiations. And on Friday, January 18, he sent City health inspectors into the UFT’s building. If they were hunting for roaches, they were in the wrong place. (UFT cafeteria got an A, but City Hall is infested by vermin.)

UFT Secretary Michael Mendel reached for a different analogy at Tuesday’s Exec Board. Having started with the fact that Bloomberg lied (again and again) and then sent in dirty tricks – style operatives, he went on “The Nixon White House is alive and well in City Hall”

I don’t know that the health inspectors were actually planting bugs, the way Nixon’s plumbers did, but there certainly is a cleverness to the comparison.

Some of us, by the way, are grateful that Bloomberg is such an arrogant pig-headed autocrat. That would not have been a good change, getting that evaluation system, and I appreciate that the mayor’s massive ego got in the way of his destructive agenda, this time.

(by the way, the “big lie” is a product of someone worse than Nixon)

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