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Do teachers like you support unions?

March 21, 2011 pm31 9:44 pm

But what if you have no blog to answer on?

A bunch of us are answering that question “YES!” on our blogs tomorrow (Tuesday, March 22, 2011)

You can play, too. Send me a post, and I will try to find it a home, a blog that will publish it. (my email is the same as this blog name, but at gmail dot com.)


You could also facebook, or twitter. Tumblr is great, it’s really just a blog with a cool/funny name. But no matter what you decide:

Please, one way or another, publish a piece on March 22 entitled “Why Teachers Like Me Support Unions.”

If you publish your post yourself, please share it through the form at (If I publish it for you, I’ll take care of that.) Posts should also be shared on Twitter using the tag #edusolidarity. There is a Facebook group and a Facebook event where you can sign up.

To include the above image on your website as a badge linking back to our site, please copy the following code:

<a href=”; title=”edusolidarityBADGE by OutsideTheCave, on Flickr”><img src=”; width=”200″ height=”200″ alt=”edusolidarityBADGE”/></a>

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  1. March 21, 2011 pm31 10:44 pm 10:44 pm

    What if I already wrote a blog about this last Friday?
    Can I just add “YES” to this or are you looking for something else/new?

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