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May 25, 2010 am31 7:23 am

I own a TV. It works. Sort of.

From time to time I watch. An occasional weeknight show (cops, forensic cops, other cops). An occasional latenight show/rerun. Very rarely an old movie. No cartoons, no tv news (hate tv news), no talking heads (like the other Talking Heads, don’t like these talking heads — the ones I agree with just get me to nod along, and the ones I disagree with just make me angry, and I never feel “engaged” and certainly never amused, and rarely edified), occasional sports (though more rarely, since most of what’s worth watching needs to be paid for)

When they changed the cable signal, I threw away my converter box like they told me too.

I must have missed another announcement. Because sometime this Spring (maybe March???) I turned it on, and instead of a show, I saw a blue screen telling me where to get a new box. And I meant to get that box. I mean to. But now it’s 3 months without tv, and it hasn’t bothered me much.

Until last night.

I’d forgotten about the missing box, and went to turn on Law and Order. The finale. The Rubber Room Episode. Missed it.

Need to figure out how to see it.

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