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DoE backs down (partially) on Smith

January 21, 2010 am31 8:53 am

Yesterday’s announcement that the DoE would keep Smith’s automative program was welcome. Anything that limits the closures is good.

Take 1: They felt the pressure from us. They felt the pressure from the kids. They felt the pressure from the alumni. They felt the pressure from the community. But, that pressure’s been almost everywhere.

Take 2: They felt the pressure from the businesses that use Smith’s students as interns, and that hire Smith graduates. And within that, they especially felt the pressure from BMW who relies on young workers with certifications that are not widely available, but that Smith offers.

Take 3: The DoE may now claim it was listening to us (we were going to close 20, but because we carefully listened blah blah blah)

Take 4: This is a CTE school. A vocational school. (Vocation from Latin “voc-“, I think, for “calling,” as in vocal cords.) A 13 year old entering that building should take all the core academics and have a CHOICE of vocational programs. I don’t want a 13 year old to check off “automative” and be stuck with that for the rest of his life. A vocational school for children, where transfers are nearly impossible, where the choice is being made very young, must have multiple programs.

Take 5: The DoE partially retreated on one school. It is not enough.




We have less than a week before the PEP. Let’s turn up the pressure!

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    January 13, 2012 pm31 9:25 pm 9:25 pm

    The war is back on ….
    today the principal called us down to the auditorium to tell us
    Smith is back on the chopping block. If Bloomberg has his way,
    Alfred E Smith will close permanently in June 30, 2012.

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