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Saturday odds and odds

December 12, 2009 pm31 3:51 pm

1. Where does anti-reform sit within the ed-reform universe?  Tom Hoffman made a graph (xkcd-style hard to eat vs tasty), and in the comments (read them) I’m wondering if I fit.

2. Feeling better after a cold that socked me Tuesday. I was borderline coming in to work, especially Thursday and Friday, but after a drink last night I slept in and woke up with what are clearly the remnants. I treated myself to cold just-short-of-rotten papaya this morning, and will further reward myself with a little winter walking…

3. Columbus HS is where I got my start. It got chopped into mini-schools, leaving a rump to absorb the most challenging kids, and now Bloomberg and his Chancellor plan to shut the last part down. Christine Rowland, from the Teachers Center at Columbus, gives a thorough and spirited response at Gotham Schools.

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