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Teacher Retention: A four-year wonder writes (in the WaPo)

August 10, 2009 pm31 11:52 pm

Sarah Fine lasted four years in DC. Accomplishment, failure, or something in between?

a good teacher is always better after a few years of experience. ..

The Washington Post published her thoughts, her words. Go read them.

We millennials are jostling each other for a place at the whiteboard, but few of us stay long enough to see our students make it through…

Having a base of teachers who teach for more than a token few years is critical to school reform. It helps principals and school leaders develop trusting relationships with teachers. It helps teachers collaborate with one another. Most of all, it helps students. A teacher with experience is not always a good teacher, but a good teacher is always better after a few years of experience. ..

Four-year wonders are better than nothing, but still not enough.

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This post is part of an intermittent series about improving teacher retention in New York City. See also

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