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12 more years?

August 9, 2009 pm31 1:15 pm

That’s not a reference to the recently-gone-private blogger who formerly blogged at Have a Gneiss Day (lemme guess, earth science). She called herself 17 more years, then updated (upgraded? downgraded?) to fifteen.

By the way, she was fully anonymous, until some jerk indicated in the comments section that she was outed amongst her colleagues. Now she’s blogging privately.

I don’t know how to avoid that problem. I don’t want to private-blog. I don’t know how to stay anonymous. And I don’t want to be fully public. My non-solution solution is “semi-anonymity” – you want to figure out who I am, you will, it’s not hard. But I don’t use my name here.

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Anyhow, 12 more years is me. I can buyback a big chunk of time, I just learned, from previous public employment, and even as it feels as if I have just begun my career, I am past the halfway point.

Actually, I need to look at some details. It might turn out to be 10 or 11 years, but I am being guilty of naive optimism. I am delighted with 12.

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When I argued against our Tier V agreement, (which returned Labor Day weekend to us, but in return for our future members paying too high a price), I exchanged fairly sharp words with Sandra March. I have disagreed with her, Mona, and Mel on many political issues.

But this is a good moment to point out that the direct service they provide our members has been of high quality. In this case, I benefited directly from Mel’s help. Many members can point to assistance they have received from Sandra or Mel that has expedited slow processes, or has saved the member money, sometimes quite substantial money.

Not every part of our union always provides the service it should. I am not shy about pointing that out. I shouldn’t be shy about pointing to the good stuff as well.

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