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Putting fractions and exponents in comments on this blog

June 20, 2009 am30 11:10 am
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Cool thing, if you like: you can make real-looking fractions and exponents on this blog.

The key is something called LaTeX, a special language for laying out text. WordPress blogs can handle a version of LaTeX.

How to start/how to end

you’ll need a dollar sign immediately followed by the word “latex” to start, and a dollar sign to end


type:  \frac{num}{den}

You need the slash, no space, the letters f-r-a-c, and then two sets of curly brackets, no spaces, with the numerator in the first set, and the denominator in the second


type: base^{exp}  or just y^x if the exponent is one digit or variable


I am using S instead of $, so you can see

Slatex \frac{5}{6a} S  becomes \frac{5}{6a}

Slatex 3^{2x} + 3^x S becomes 3^{2x} + 3^x

Slatex e^{i\pi} – 1 = 0 S becomes e^{i\pi} - 1 = 0

wikibooks link to read more

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