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Game King

May 11, 2009 pm31 11:13 pm

I got my school to purchase a class set of mancala boards. Man, I am the king. Kids, freshmen through seniors, love it.

Today in my off-track geometry, we did one of Dave Marain‘s challenge problems*, I taught a quick lesson, (inequalities, including a theorem about a remote interior angle being less than an exterior angle of a triangle, argued about the proof, and Euler diagrams for conditionals, which was just a quick refresher), and then I taught mancala and they played for 10 intense minutes. They have concentrated construction time Friday, so they didn’t miss it today.

Tomorrow is games and puzzles day in logic anyhow (I do it once a week), and guess what I’m bringing?

*Find the sum of all solutions in terms of k: (x - k)^2 = x - k

Led to nice discussion of division by 0 (you know why), and how we could be certain we had all the solutions.

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