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Physicist uncomfortable with irrational bears

May 9, 2009 pm31 7:22 pm

Great post at a science blog called “Uncertain Principles” (that’s -le not -al but also a great prompt for some writing about today’s NYC Department of Education – but that’s off-topic) – great post about Goldilocks and problems with that damned porridge.

Why is the papa bear’s porridge too hot, and mama bear’s porridge too cold, but baby bear’s porridge just right?

Shouldn’t the baby’s be the coldest?

Read the blogger’s analysis, and read the variety of explanations in the comments:

Mama had a big, flat dish (more surface area, cooled quickly). Mama’s was actually the smallest portion (with extended discussion of the patriarchy). Mama ‘juices’ hers with a cold, alcoholic liquid (more discussion of getting through the day, and patriarchy). Mama dished her own earlier, did chores, then dished the boys’ (again with patriarchy). Baby’s was ladled a bit from each of the parents’ bowls.

Go, read. Add your own theory.

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