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On-line HS math contest hosted by Math Notations

May 2, 2009 pm31 5:23 pm

Here are the details:

The 2nd Contest is scheduled for the week of May 18th-22nd. You can administer the test on any one day during that week for up to 45 minutes. A couple of other changes…

  • A school can field up to TWO teams
  • This contest is designed only for upper level students (Algebra II, geometry, some trigonometry) but no calculus

To register, click the link at the bottom of this post, and complete the registration form and email it back to Dave Marain by Wed May 13th. He will send the questions between May 13th and May 15th. He’ll also enclose the rules/info sheet.

I hope you will be able to participate despite such short notice. If you could forward this to your colleagues in other high schools, Dave would appreciate it.

Here is the link to the online information about the contest:

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  1. May 3, 2009 pm31 6:51 pm 6:51 pm

    Good Morning – I noticed that your tags link not to your blog posts tagged “puzzle” but to posts tagged “puzzle” throughout the wordpress domain as a whole. I didn’t know if that was what you had intended.

    • May 3, 2009 pm31 8:48 pm 8:48 pm

      Nope. Another case of me being 12 or 39 steps behind technology. I assume that I’ve made the same mistake throughout my 3 years of blogging.

      However, I think a search on this site for “puzzle” will turn up all/most of the tagged posts. Does that fly as a work-around?

  2. May 10, 2009 am31 9:11 am 9:11 am

    Not a problem for me.

    I just noticed it because WordPress seems to have sprung it on you – or the skin did. I had used the tags before to find old puzzles and they had worked as expected. This was new behavior.

    • May 10, 2009 pm31 5:47 pm 5:47 pm

      I never really got the tags/categories thing right. I use both, almost interchangeably, but I know they are not really the same thing. I guess it just doesn’t matter enough to me to stop and figure it our… I know, I should, but I can’t bring myself to. I did notice that the search works much better than it worked before, or else it seems to.

      Thanks for noticing and calling it to my attention.

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