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Sprucing up

March 2, 2009 am31 3:02 am

I’m trying out a new theme for this blog. It may take a while to get used to it, and to get everything back in its rightful place.

The colors are different. Less dark. There are two columns to the right. The blogroll is at the bottom. And only the current post shows, the next ten or so are visible as titles only.

If you notice anything that’s gone missing, links that have gone dead, stuff that got hard to read, please let me know.

And if you have any comments, like it, hate it, or anything in between, also, I’d like to know. Thanks!

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  1. March 2, 2009 am31 3:11 am 3:11 am

    It looks nice, I like the colors, but your top banner is a tad generic. I miss the skyline. (Says the lady with the plain purple banner.)

    • March 2, 2009 am31 5:06 am 5:06 am

      There is another theme that caught my attention, Vengeance I think they call it, but it takes work to customize, more than I am willing to put in at this moment.

  2. JBL permalink
    March 2, 2009 am31 3:38 am 3:38 am

    I would like it if I could see how many comments had been made for the “next ten or so.” Is the main column wider? I like it.

    • March 2, 2009 am31 5:05 am 5:05 am

      If you search, or hit a category, or hit a tag, or hit a month from the archive, then you get a long list of posts (I have it set at 25, probably a few fewer would be better), and each post says how many comments.

      I agree that it would be better if you could see them on the main page as well.

      Yes, the main column is wider, which will help with charts and images (not the reason I am experiment but I’ll take side benefits)

  3. March 2, 2009 am31 5:52 am 5:52 am

    looks good. here in comments
    i had one sidebar column overlapping
    the comments themselves till i widened
    the window a little…

    getting the widgets right seems to
    used to’ve been easier; anyhow
    i’ve been very frustrated with it just lately.

  4. Chaz permalink
    March 2, 2009 am31 6:27 am 6:27 am

    I like it better than your previously blog look.

  5. March 2, 2009 am31 7:28 am 7:28 am

    Barack’s first name looks like it’s trying to attack your anti-war tag as well as his last name, which is, itself, fighting back against his first name. I dislike the squishing of tags in the tag cloud. Otherwise, I second the motion to bring back the NYC skyline.

  6. preaprez permalink
    March 2, 2009 pm31 3:48 pm 3:48 pm

    I know you’re a math guy. But how but some graphics? Pictures?

    • March 2, 2009 pm31 4:16 pm 4:16 pm

      Wow, that anonymous skyline (it wasn’t New York) had fans. This theme is not customizable without paying, so I’m not sure what to do.

      @Nick, I’ll dump the cloud, no problem with that.

      For now I will leave this; I’m glad the overall reaction was positive. I will play with “Vigilance” (not vengeance, vigilance) on a dummy blog. That one looks the most promising. But customizing is, for me, a pain. So be patient. I won’t take it live unless I’m sure I can make it work.

      And thanks for all the feedback.

      • March 2, 2009 pm31 8:55 pm 8:55 pm

        If there was a theme called “vengeance”, I would click it just to see what it looked like.

      • Anonymous permalink
        March 2, 2009 pm31 8:59 pm 8:59 pm

        Looks good to me! I’ve been playing with the idea of changing themes, too — ready for spring, time to move the furniture, something like that. I had my eye on Vigilance, but I wasn’t sure how much work it would take to customize it. Trying it on a dummy blog first sounds like a good idea.

        • March 2, 2009 pm31 9:00 pm 9:00 pm

          Oops! That last “Anonymous” was me. I forgot I wasn’t logged in.

  7. March 3, 2009 am31 1:46 am 1:46 am

    I’m afraid I vastly preferred the old “blog” look for usability. I often haven’t seen the last seven or eight posts, and now I have to click on each one to read it in full. It’s not enough to stop me coming here, but it is close.

    Prettier, though.

    • March 3, 2009 am31 3:49 am 3:49 am

      That concerns me. I will get working on customizing Vigilance (vengeance is so much the cooler name) to make it acceptable. It may be a few weeks. Please bear with me.

    • March 3, 2009 am31 5:49 am 5:49 am

      Oh, I hadn’t noticed that, since I came from my blog reader directly to this article. I agree, I don’t like the “headlines only” front page.


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