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Bronx Science math teachers: inspiration

January 9, 2009 am31 9:06 am

Struggle is inspirational? See what you think.

Confused NYC Teacher is wondering about what to do about the crazy scheduling ideas that his principal is implementing (likely to completely disrupt the school and the children’s education), and about the unfair excessing that seems to be going on. But after reading about the math teachers at Bronx Science standing up, writes:

What do angry teachers do? They unite, take charge and get the UFT involved. With all the upheaval and uncertainty at my school, it’s great to know some teachers can still pull together and work toward the common good. Here’s the scoop on what’s going on at Bronx High School of Science, one of NYC’s most elite schools. If teachers at all schools can unite like this, we would be a truly revolutionary force for education!

Then follows the transcript of today’s NY1 story, that I hadn’t seen.

Teachers Claim Mistreatment At Bronx School

By: Dean Meminger

The United Federation of Teachers said Thursday the head of the math department at Bronx High School of Science is a difficult problem they’re trying to solve. The UFT claims the teachers are not being treated with the respect they deserve and are sometimes treated like children.

for the rest, click over to Confused NY Teacher.


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