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Last two firsts of two thousand eight

December 31, 2008 am31 10:29 am

First time in the Oyster Bar. Really. And first raw oyster.

The Oyster Bar is something of a New York institution. It opened with Grand Central almost 100 years ago. I’d always meant, but never went. Until yesterday.

Raw oysters? They had lots and lots of varieties. But I had no intention…

We were sitting at the bar in the Saloon, eating cooked sort of food, when a woman sat down next to us and seemed to receive far too much of the uncooked sort of food. There had been a mistake, but they weren’t taking it back, and she offered… I stared… she lemoned one up, added horse radish, cocktail sauce… it wasn’t nearly as disgusting as it looked… but I didn’t immediately order more.

As to the Oyster Bar itself… lots of ‘ambiance’ but fairly high prices. I’m sure I’ll be back… but not too soon.

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  1. December 31, 2008 pm31 6:01 pm 6:01 pm

    I’ve never eaten there but looked in many times. I always wanted to try it but I am sticking to veggies.

    You should take the tour of GCT if you are there are on a Friday afternoon. It is free and wonderful.

    Wear comfortable shoes. You will be standing for over 2 hours.

  2. Ms. Tsouris permalink
    December 31, 2008 pm31 7:15 pm 7:15 pm

    Your post reminds me of my misspent youth out on Long Island. We’d drive around the north shore near the water, then find an out-of-the-way little oyster bar. Some had it with cocktail or hot sauce, but it all goes well with a nice ice cold beer. I’ve never been to this Oyster Bar, but I’d love to find that shack of an oyster bar somewhere north of 25A.

  3. January 2, 2009 am31 3:52 am 3:52 am

    If I’d grown up eating them… but no. And I don’t think they could ever become a favorite. But at least I’ve tried them!

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