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Back to blogging after several lost days

July 13, 2008 pm31 11:13 pm

I had a house guest. When I was younger, I had lots of house guests. When I was younger, I often was a house guest. But not so much either more, not me for them, or them for me. So I got an IM from an old friend, “can my friend stay with you?” and I agreed without checking details, and then immediately regretted it

I cleaned enough to avoid total embarrassment, and made the airport run Wednesday night. Here’s a few highlights (and other lights):

In Chinatown (where I rarely venture these days), wandering a bit and selecting a restaurant that met this New Yorker’s criteria for “as authentic as I’m going to find” (all the customers appeared Chinese). Seafood place on Division. The steamed ginger scallion whole fish (tilapia) was fine, the seafood/bean curd soup was a bit bland, I don’t know what possessed my guest to order sweet and sour chicken. Oh well.

The walk across the Brooklyn Bridge was a good move. The views, as always, impress. But did you know how popular it’s become? It was sort of an unusual good first date thing years and years ago when I came to New York, but Thursday it was lousy with tourists.

TurtleWas there anything worth eating near Columbia? Not that I could find. (and we were not going upscale – there are a couple of reasonable choices, but higher end). X

Arch over the RavineThe northwest corner of Central Park is the most peaceful and most beautiful. See the arch? See the turtle? I should have snapped a picture of those willows.

Times Square totally failed to wow. And I, myself, hate going there. So why did we?

So, here’s the worst. It’s totally clear that I am on vacation, but that I have lost most of it to scheduling. In order to do the host/guide thing, I beg out of dinner plans one evening, and I take a second day off work. All of this is clear. So if I sleep in (we’re talking until maybe 8:30), why be impatient? You can go out on your own and explore a bit, or take something to eat, read? But if I wake up and find you sitting on the couch, staring ahead, and reminding me of the time…

Yesterday I did the drop-off run to JFK. Got back, pumped the A/C, napped, snacked and drank cider and wine all day and evening… I don’t remember needing to recover from guests when I was younger.

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