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Two more battleground state polls

February 20, 2008 pm29 9:44 pm

Michigan leans Democratic (2004 D by 3.4%, 2000 D by 5.1%): McCain trails Obama by 8% but is tied with Clinton.
Ohio leans Republican (2004 R by 2.1%, 2000 R by 3.5%): McCain leads Obama by 1% and leads Clinton by 3%.

That’s 7 of 9 in the last few days where the Democrats’ chances look better with Barack Obama (counting Ohio as a toss-up and Florida as more likely for Clinton).

Any battlegrounds left? New Hampshire? Missouri? Washington State? And four states in the southwest: Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona. (Two week old polls have a big swing for Obama in Colorado, smaller in New Hampshire, even in Missouri.) I get 9 of 12 key states where the Democrats’ chances are better, as of today, with Obama.

Hillary Clinton has less than two weeks to convince voters and superdelegates that these numbers are bounce off recent results, and that they are about to even out.

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