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Electability – focus on battleground states

February 18, 2008 am29 2:16 am

Last week I challenged, somewhat, the claim that Obama was more electable:

recent battleground state polls are split between who does better against McCain – Colorado swings 21 points for Obama (that’s huge), New Hampshire – Obama 11, Missouri – Obama 1, Ohio – Clinton 1, Pennsylvania Clinton 5, Florida – even.

New polls renew the argument: RCP’s average has Obama over McCain nationally by 3.6%, but McCain over Clinton nationally by 1.7%. But the national numbers matter less than battleground numbers. And Rasmussen has two new sets of polls:

Oregon, which leans Democratic (2004 D by 4.2%, 2000 D by 0.4%) McCain trails Obama by 9%, but leads Clinton by 3%.
Pennsylvania, which leans Democratic (2004 D by 2.5%, 2000 D by 4.2%) McCain trails Obama by 10%, but leads Clinton by 2%.

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  1. February 18, 2008 am29 5:05 am 5:05 am

    I am voting for Obama. I am a Republican and I will be voting for a Democarat fpr the first time. I am 89 years old and Barack has the right ideas. I think Clintin will spend too much money,

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