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New wordpress features

February 18, 2008 am29 12:42 am

WordPress did it again. They supplied another stats feature that I was meaning to ask for. Now we can see top search terms, top referrers, top post/page, and top link out by day, by week, by month, by quarter, by year, or by ever.

Below the fold are my top 27 (in honor of Friday’s Carnival of Mathematics #27, hosted here) all time search terms:

ruler 2,608
question mark 2,441
math 1,363
nycdoe 1,362
how many work days in a year 1,215
uft contract 961
nyc teacher salary 625
dice 539
numbers 472
uft nyc 389
dinner 380
nyc teacher salary scale 378
how many days in 2007 357
nyc teacher pay scale 351
hats 331
nyc teacher salary schedule 329
long division 325
how many working days in a year 308
broom 304
gib aids keine chance 295
jd2718 291
how many working days in 2007 285
nyc teachers pay scale 283
nj teacher salaries 258
uft salary schedule 256
how many work days in 2007 254
nyc teacher salaries 253

Ok, so they don’t know how to merge all the salary stuff. You still get a pretty good idea. The top two? those are searches for labeled images. Some dumb search engine (google) put me at the top for image searches for those two items for a while.

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