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Math Carnival: 21 and legal – watch out

December 2, 2007 am31 7:16 am

Actually, don’t click if you have impressionable young things around… but after the opening profanity, turns out to be a very nice carnival. Twenty-one posts, ranging from my McRib to boxes without topses to the sort of combinatorial topics that are really just too hard, but I’m going to try reading them anyhow.

[Edit: I missed mentioning throwing hot dogs, which, if done with mathematical purpose, is a serious endeavor]


Secret Blogging Seminar is the host, and a neat project in its own right. A bunch of Berkeley folks decided to do a joint blog, and the result feels like a conversation flowing from informal to serious math and back. Read the carnival and follow the links (or as many as suit you), but stick around and browse the blog, too. Even if you don’t go in for the higher math, there’s plenty to read.

The next carnival is in two weeks at Wild About Math. The carnival home is here.

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