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Windowsill Cayenne

November 19, 2007 am30 6:17 am

Bronx Windowsill ChiliA few years ago I was visiting a friend of McRib. I admired what looked like an ornamental chili plant. Not ornamental, it turned out, and he offered me a few peppers. “Plant them in a pot, you’ll get chilis.” So I did, and I did.

It was nice having a little bush of them. I plucked them as I cooked. I sauteed them with oil and garlic for quick pasta. And they looked pretty.

(Sad part and happy part and another photo, beneath fold –>)

Chili Blossom and BudTwo summers ago they died. I didn’t get them watered while I was in Turkey. So it goes. But then I noticed that I had a few dried peppers left. Why not? But all last year the buds yielded blasted flowers without petals, just black stubs. I had preserved bad seeds.

Or maybe not. I got two white flowers 2 weeks ago. Q-tip pollination, and then presto, a pepper. And this weekend I found 3 more blooms. 2718’s windowsill is back in business!

(upper photo, chili left, blossom right)
(left, blossom and new blossom)

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