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Progress Reports? Minus one for the bad guys

November 13, 2007 am30 9:32 am

Doesn’t mean one for the good guys, but Bloomberg and his chancellor have been taking it on the chin. Little bloggers and malcontents didn’t like these Reports. Then schools. Principals. And parents. Yesterday the NY Times. And just about every last teacher or educator in NYC, except my poor friend Frizzle who thought there was something positive, and Leo who was strangely quiet (though Maisie wrote something sceptical in advance) (maybe Leo could reprint some of the UFT official resolution). Even the reasonable middle has realized there’s no reasonable middle* here. Now the only ones left saying anything nice are the ideologically blind and those in Bloomberg’s direct pay.

The UFT went through draft after draft of a resolution, each time toughening it a little more. The earlier versions emphasized support of ‘accountability,’ welcomed that the City was trying, and made technical suggestions on improving the Progress Reports. But it was revised and amended. When we reached the Delegate Assembly Wednesday, there was already a tougher resolution. And by the time it had been yet again amended, in three places, it was a clear anti-Progress Report statement (with too much mushy stuff up front, but I’ll take the stronger soundbites at the end), and a clear pro-School, pro-kid, pro-teacher resolution.

I don’t think the mayor will tough this out. He could try to look good in retreat. He could make changes while claiming to stand firm. We’ll see. But don’t forget, this guy has been getting his way on issue after issue, or making us forget that he didn’t. One stubbed toe won’t make him a changed man, it’ll just make him cranky.

And the good guys? Longer discussion. We have more to talk about.

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  1. Old friend permalink
    November 15, 2007 am30 4:51 am 4:51 am

    The grades were a joke. There were some middle schools in South Jamaica where the teachers pleaded with the DOE to remove their principal because the students were out of control and many of them were academically deficent. However, these schools received a “B”. While a good school in another part of Queens was given a “D” rating, despite a well-run school and good student results.

    As for Leo Casey. He is the reason many teachers are anti-unity.

  2. November 15, 2007 am30 6:40 am 6:40 am

    Add me as one of those who doesn’t like those grades. It’s all really dumb, and soon enough, we’ll realize the direction that education is heading … and unfortunately, it’s not pretty if they keep this up.

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