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69 – 7

October 16, 2007 am31 6:33 am

That’s the margin I lost by tonight for UFT High School Vice President. Of course, it was really just New Action against Unity. When they announced the vote I don’t think I actually got mentioned. Oh well.

ElectoralCollege1980-Large.pngWas it a 90.8% victory? I think a 58 62 vote victory sounds closer. (or a bit less like a landslide)

Afterwards Leo came and chatted with me and my DR. I disagree, sometimes sharply, with what Leo says and writes, but it’s not personal. Plus, today he came to talk about Edwize (more teacher voice?) and listened to some discussion of lousy small schools. I think he’s planning a visit.

Earlier at the Exec Board Randi gave a detailed explanation of why we work to reform, and not dump, NCLB. I’m still not buying, but given the time she devoted, I must not be the only one.

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