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New Teacher Handbooks now available

October 13, 2007 am31 6:14 am

I hate it when my union gets things wrong, and love it when they get things right. I don’t think Jeff Zahler wrote this, but it went out as an e-mail under his name. The credit is his:

The new, updated edition of last year’s popular New Teacher Handbook has been printed and is now being distributed to borough offices. Over the next month, the district representatives will be getting copies of the handbook to their chapter leaders, who should give a copy to each 1st or 2nd year teacher in their chapter in person if possible. Please use that contact to offer your support to our newest members. Let your DR know how many copies of the handbook you will need.

Forget for a moment that the handbook is a reasonable piece of literature, with a lot of information. Look at the communication he encourages:

  • Borough Office to DR (that link is already strong)
  • DR to Chapter Leader
  • Chapter Leader to member [edit: and new members, and in person!]

These are the routes of communication, back and forth, that we have allowed to weaken, that we must strengthen, in order to reinvigorate the United Federation of Teachers. Practice using them with something easy (today it’s a nice piece of literature), and they will be in better shape the next time we need them for something hard.

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