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Browning Status

July 1, 2007 pm31 7:11 pm

This blog started a little over a year ago. Kombiz, of EdWize (since moved on to something further south) pushed me to start it, and then encouraged and advised me. When I asked if I was ever going to see any real traffic, Kombiz told me maybe, but that the best I could ever hope for was “Frizzle status.”

I like speech rhythms. “Frizzle Status” scans like “Browning Version,” with as distant a referent (trochaic obscurity?)

Film still(in the 1951 film of the same name, the nice kid tells pathetic Michael Redgrave that his translation of Agamemnon is “better than the Browning Version”)

Ms. Frizzle was the fantastic blog of a middle school science teacher. Bits of NY, personal stuff , but mostly just teaching. Passionate, real, she didn’t gloss things up or paint some dystopic blackboard jungle. Plus, the quality of her teaching just oozed all over everything. Frizzle was the best teacher blog out there, with the readership to prove it. Then Frizzle went awayfar away. Maybe she’ll be back?

Oh yeah, the point of this. jd2718 is nothing like Frizzle. But 11,000 visitors last month? Feed reads growing (when WordPress dropped the stats), and in the last hour WordPress decided that I’d had my 100,000th page view. So thanks to all of you for reading, even if what’s oozing out isn’t brilliance.

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  1. July 2, 2007 am31 4:10 am 4:10 am

    why I rarely comment I do read, almost religiously… While sometimes you make me think that I need to learn more as I am a math teacher and your problems make me think too hard! And sometimes the posts don’t affect me (as I don’t teachin in NY) But I do enjoy it. Keep it up and thanks.

  2. July 2, 2007 am31 7:58 am 7:58 am

    I really appreciate your comments. New York must be strange, and so are my problems. I never stop studying the stuff… there’s so much out there I don’t know. A nice place to try is Good Math/Bad Math (in the right column, under math). He does groups of posts on one topic. He just completed a group on set theory that I am planning to get to sometime soon.

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