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Summer goals

June 24, 2007 pm30 7:03 pm

I got tagged with this meme a few weeks ago by Nani, and am finally ready to respond:

  1. Complete the school’s master schedule in early July. Have (subject to change) schedules for kids to mail out before they arrive in September (this is ambitious – we’ve never been close to this before – but worth a try)
  2. Get far away for at least two weeks (I have delayed finalizing my big trip. I don’t know why. It would be 3+ weeks. I think I am mentally paring it back)
  3. Explore parts of New York like a tourist. I always mean to, but I just don’t. I’ve been here almost a quarter century. Time to hit some little museums and new restaurants.
  4. Walk/hike. The more I do, the easier it gets.
  5. Replace the car. It’s older than my students (including my graduating seniors). And as of late, not quite as reliable.
  6. Set up that lousy Flickr. It’s been too long. I had the answer almost a year ago. High priority. So that I can…
  7. get back to photographing steps of New York. It was a lovely start (though the photo resolution was too high).
  8. And then the more mundane preparation of the new Algebra course (which I will be teaching)
  9. And getting ready to be more involved with my union. (and to devolve more union responsibility within my own chapter)
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