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A Spring trip

May 20, 2007 pm31 8:38 pm

Not my usual. Yesterday I led an excursion to theater and dinner for a group of my students.

The play was Spring Awakening. Written over 100 years ago in Germany, it’s pretty standard adolescent coming of age stuff, though a bit surprising from the 1890’s… The story was, eeyaaah, more like a few intertwined vignettes, and some was a bit hard for my students to follow.

I sent a letter home, special permission slip, for the adult themes and brief nudity. It was almost besides the point – SVU deals with tougher themes, and the nudity consisted of about 15 seconds of an undraped right breast, and two 30 second scenes with exposed buttocks. I did have a student a bit unnerved by (I assume) a violent scene between a boy and a girl.

The cast was strong. I know that we will see young adults, mid 20’s, playing teenagers… it was nice that there was at least one role taken by a real high school student.

Music. Choreography. Superb. Worth seeing just for them.

(dinner below the fold –>)Dinner was at Daisy May’s, a barbeque place way west, 11th Avenue and 46th Street. Part of theater is going to dinner after, and the kids should experience that, but not at Broadway prices. For $18 a head we ate until we were stuffed, with plenty left over. Had we ordered slightly more modestly (my fault) it would have come to under $15 a head.

And the barbeque was superb. And the kids devoured the sides: dirty rice, baked beans (wow!), mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes… only the corn with cheddar fell a little flat. We did it smart – ordered from the catering menu instead of a la carte. The “tasting menu” I figured would feed 1.5 kid; it came closer to two. Beef ribs, pork ribs (two kinds?), brisket, chicken, all piled high. Pulled pork came in separate containers. A massive rib (without meat) was used as a separator in the tray – we all got a kick out of that.

Mistake: I didn’t take photos of the food. Next time I will (and there will be a next).

Daisy May’s BBQ USA
623 11th Ave. (corner of 46th St.)
New York, NY

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  1. May 21, 2007 am31 4:52 am 4:52 am

    Very cool that you do these kinds of extra things for your students — what gave you the idea for this?

  2. May 24, 2007 am31 6:02 am 6:02 am

    Years ago, I used to take students on a 3-hour bus ride to the city to see plays. It was so wonderful! I’m working on getting my students to a performance of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night in the fall. Can’t wait!

  3. May 26, 2007 pm31 7:46 pm 7:46 pm

    And these kids were talking about seeing more plays. Lighting a spark, that’s a really good thing.

    The idea was the school’s. There have been several such trips with smaller groups, all quite successful. In this case I discussed the possibility with group of students who do work for me, and they suggested the play. That was another nice aspect: they knew that they had earned this.


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