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Green Dot?

May 19, 2007 pm31 8:09 pm

Reading assignment:

Comments to follow.

[update] Let’s add to the list:

  • Fred Klonsky. (the situation is contradictory. I am glad someone says so.)
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  1. LAUSDTeacher permalink
    June 12, 2008 am30 8:58 am 8:58 am

    green dot has had amazing results. i am currently teaching in LAUSD at belmont high school, and the administrators, counselors, teachers are all bitter and don’t do their jobs. next year i will be at a green dot school, where administrators care about making sure teachers feel welcome, an overbearing union doesn’t force you to pay them 60 bucks a month in dues and makes it impossible to fire bad teachers, where teachers get paid much better, and most importantly, where students achieve amazing results. all public schools should be autonomous like charter schools are.

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